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Extensively used to create vector images, designs, logos and assets, Adobe Illustrator is very close to the heart of graphic designers. The software is designed to achieve assets with the help of points, lines & curves along with mathematical formulas. Unlike Adobe Photoshop where pixelated graphics are created, Illustrator based assets are easily increased in size without losing their image quality.

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Course Description - Find Out What's Inside!

A comprehensive dive into the learning sea of Adobe Illustrator.

All of Adobe Illustrator's fundamental features will be covered in this course. Talha Bhatti will accompany you to the introduction of the top photo-editing software while assisting you with the entire process. He will use his extensive knowledge of the fundamental and necessary techniques to easily describe broad topics while providing detailed information about the subject. Your confidence to try new things on your own will grow as a result of this simple to understand online illustrator course. The lessons in this course will shape your skills into those of a professional by assisting you in discovering new creative applications for vector graphics.

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Course Curriculum

    1. 1) Introduction

    2. 2) Getting Started With Illustrator

    3. 3) How To Use Project Files

    4. Illustration Project File Download

    1. 4) How To Make Basic Shapes In Illustrator

    2. 5) Selection In Adobe Illustrator

    3. 6) Colors & Swatches In Adobe Illustrator

    4. 7) Basic Drawing Using Shapes In Illustrator

    5. 8) How To Draw With Shape Builder Tool In Adobe Illustrator

    6. 9) How To Color With Shape Builder Tool In Adobe Illustrator

    7. 10) Draw An Animal With Shape Builder Tool

    8. 11) Project 1 - Draw An Animal With Shape Builder Tool

    1. 12) How To Use Layers In Illustrator

    2. 13) How To Align Things In Illustrator

    3. 14) How To Make Gradients In Illustrator

    4. 15) How To Write Text In Adobe Illustrator

    5. 16) Make Basic Logos Using Shapes In Illustrator

    6. 17) Project 2 - Create A Basic Logo

    1. 18) How To Draw With Curvature Tool In Illustrator

    2. 19) How To Use Pen Tool In Illustrator

    3. 20) Easily Manipulate Shapes In Adobe Illustrator

    4. 21) How To Write Text In A Shape In Illustrator

    5. 22) Project 3 - Create A Badge

    6. 23) How To Make Lines In Adobe Illustrator

    7. 24) How To Steal Colors From An Image In Illustrator

    8. 25) How To Put An Image Inside A Shape Or Text

    9. 26) Project 4 - Create A Simple Poster

    10. 27) Easily Make Curvy Lines Using The Width Tool

    11. 28) Create Fun Effects WIth Liquify Tools

    12. 29) Make Self Repeating Shapes In Illustrator

    13. 30) Make Handrawn Designs With Brushes In Illustrator

    14. 31) How To Copy Anyhing In A Circle

    15. 32) How To Make Patterns In Illustrator

    16. 33) Project 4 - Create A Pattern

    17. 34) How To Break Apart Text In Adobe Illustrator

    18. 35) How To Warp Shapes And Text In Illustrator

    19. 36) How To Vectorize Images In Illustrator

    20. 37) How To Create Glitch Effect In Illustrator

    21. 38) How To Save Assets In Illustrator

    22. 39) How To Redraw Twitter Logo In Illustrator

    23. 40) How To Extend Text Boxes In Illustrator

    24. 41) How To Use Styles In Illustrator

    25. 42) How To Make Layers Effect In Illustrator

    26. 43) How To Make A Heart In Illustrator

    27. 44) Easily Find Colors From Adobe Color Themes

    28. 45) How To Make A Flower In Illustrator

    29. 46) Project 5 - Make A Flower

    30. 47) How To Select Similar Objects In Illustrator

    31. 48) How To Redraw Toyota Logo In Illustrator

    32. 49) How To Make Long Shadow Effect

    1. 50) How To Use Free Form Gradients In Illustrator

    2. 51) How To Make Doughnut In Illustrator

    3. 52) Convert Anything Into 3D In Illustrator

    4. 53) Move Design With Puppet Pen Tool

    5. 54) Make Fun Designs Using Tilde Key In Illustrator

    6. 55) How To Make Blends In Illustrator

    7. 56) Create Tube Text Effect

    8. 57) How To Recolor Art Work In Illustrator

    9. 58) Easily Make Curves Smooth In Illustrator

    10. 59) Create Neon Text Effect In Illustrator

    11. 60) How To Freely Transform Objects In Illustrator

    1. 61) Easily Calculate In Illustrator For Designing

    2. 62) Draw Logos WIth Golden Ratio In Illustrator

    3. 63) Compound Path & Its Uses

    4. 64) Difference Bewteen Raster & Vector

    5. 65) Difference Between RGB & CMYK

    6. 66) How To Get Templates For Illustrator

    7. 67) How To Export Files For Digital Use In Illustrator

    8. 68) How To Export Files For Print In Illustrator

About this course

  • 72 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Industries to Unlock

After completion of this online Adobe Illustrator course, the students may pursue a career for themselves in the following industries:

  • Graphic Designing

  • Photo Creation & Editing

  • Apparel Design

  • Logo Design

  • Package & Publication Design

  • Web Design

  • Multimedia Design

  • Commercial Advertisement

Meet Your Mentor

Graphic Design Instructor Talha Bhatti

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Talha Bhatti is a graphic designer and the founder of a business named Bhailog Digital. He teaches graphic design to students all over the world through his startup. Regarding business experience, Talha has an extremely varied portfolio that includes sales, marketing, social media marketing, and graphic design. When he was employed, he constantly ran into obstacles that he overcame by using social media. He afterwards wished to impart the answers to the issues he encountered in the beginning of his graphic design career. Today, Talha enjoys a solid reputation as one of Pakistan's top graphic design instructors.

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