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Communication is the most important part of every industry in the world. Since the advent of the internet, graphic design has emerged as the most powerful element of every brand's ideology. A clean and clear branding is undoubtedly the most impactful seek of brands nowadays. In the ocean of graphic design, Adobe Photoshop remains the widely consumed software for the production of marketing campaign materials.

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Starting Adobe Photoshop from scratch was never this easy.

Create images that resonate with your ideas and transmit them seamlessly to your audience. Widely used for pixel based, raster based and vector based images, it is by far the most consumed picture editing software on the planet. This online Adobe Photoshop course is evenly useful for people who are beginners and those who want to learn it for the first time. Possessing huge international experience of teaching graphic design, your mentor Talha Bhatti will address every feature of Photoshop in depth.

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Course Curriculum

    1. 1) Introduction To Photoshop's Interface

    2. 2) How To Use Layers in Adobe Photoshop CC

    3. Download Project Files

    4. 3) How To Make A Collage In Photoshop

    5. 4) Change Color Of Anything In Photoshop

    6. 5) How To Increase Brightness In Photoshop

    7. 6) How To Make Anything Black & White In Photoshop

    8. 7) How To Change Just One Color In Photoshop

    9. 8) Create A Document Of Any Size In Photoshop

    10. 9) How To Make Shapes In Photoshop

    11. 10) How To Create Text In Photoshop

    12. 11) How To Warp Text In Photoshop

    13. 12) Task 1 - Create An Insagram Post

    14. 13) Make 3D Effect WIth Bevel & Emboss

    15. 14) How To Add A Line or Stroke Outside Of Any Text

    16. 15) Create Neon Text Effect In Photoshop

    17. 16) Task 2 - Create Neon Text Effect

    18. 17) How To Crop An Image In A Specific Size

    19. 18) How To Straighten Images In Photoshop

    20. 19) How To Cut Out Part Of An Image

    21. 20) How To Put An Image Inside A Text

    22. 21) How To Remove Background In Photoshop

    23. 22) Task 3 - Remove Background With Quick Selection

    24. 23) Put Text Behind A Person

    25. 24) Layers Masks And How To Use Them

    26. 25) Task 4 - Cut Out A Person And Put On Another Image

    27. 26) How To Blend Two Images In Photoshop

    28. 27) Put Text Around An Image

    29. 28) How To Select Hair In Photoshop

    30. 29) Task 5 - Select Hair

    31. 30) Remove Anything In Adobe Photoshop

    32. 31) How To Remove Text In Photohop

    33. 32) How To Write Text In A Circle Or Any Shape

    34. 33) How To Check Spellings In Photoshop

    35. 34) How To Add A Gradient In Photoshop

    36. 35) How To Add A Gradient To Text

    37. 36) Dual Light Effect In Photoshop

    38. 37) Task 6 - Create Dual Light Effect

    39. 38) How To Download & Install Fonts In Photoshop

    40. 39) Create Vougue Like Magazine Cover

    41. 40) Task 7 - Vougue Like Magazine Cover

    42. 41) How To Create Effects On A Picture

    43. 42) What Is A Smart Object And How To Use It

    44. 43) How To Make Oil Paint Effect In Photoshop

    45. 44) How To Make Sketch Effect In Photoshop

    46. 45) Task 8 - Create Sketch Effect

    47. 46) Create Speed Effect In Photoshop

    48. 47) How To Put Logo On Any Object

    49. 48) Create Paper Corner Turn Effect

    50. 49) Task 9 - Create Paper Turn Effect

    51. 50) Lose Your Fat Belly With Using Liqify

    52. 51) Make People Smile In Photoshop

    53. 52) How To Make Dripping Paint Effect

    54. 53) Task 10 - Create Dripping Paint Effect

    55. 55) How To Remove Ache In Photoshop

    56. 54) Free Image Resources

    57. 56) Task 11 - Remove Pimples

    58. 57) How To Make Hair Shine In Photoshop

    59. 58) Make Teeth White In Photoshop

    60. 59) Change Eye Color In Photoshop

    1. 60) Quickly Remove White Background From Logos

    2. 61) How To Create Shadows In Photoshop

    3. 62) How To Make A Reflection In Photoshop

    4. 63) How To Use Guides In Photoshop

    5. 64) Seamless Instagram Panorama In Photoshop

    6. 65) How To Duplicate Yourself

    7. 66) How To Clone Anything In Photoshop

    8. 67) Create Glitch Text Effect In Photoshop

    9. 68) Different Ways To Zoom In Photoshop

    10. 69) Copying Any Color Trick

    1. 70) How To Make Lens Flare In Photoshop

    2. 71) How To Make Things Glow In Photoshop

    3. 72) Select Subject In Photoshop

    4. 73) Remove Background With One Click

    5. 74) Object Selection Tool

    6. 76) How To Use Frame Tool

    7. 77) Exporting Options

    8. 78) RGB vs CMYK

    9. 79) Resolutions

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About this course

  • 82 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

Industries to Unlock

After completion of this online graphic design course, the students may pursue a career for themselves in the following industries:

  • Graphic Designing

  • Photo Creation & Editing

  • Commercial Advertisement

  • Apparel Design

  • Logo Design

  • Package & Publication Design

  • Multimedia Design

Meet Your Mentor

Graphic Design Instructor Talha Bhatti

In addition to being an entrepreneur, Talha Bhatti is a graphic designer and the founder of a business named Bhailog Digital. He teaches graphic design to students all over the world through his startup. Regarding business experience, Talha has an extremely varied portfolio that includes sales, marketing, social media marketing, and graphic design. When he was employed, he constantly ran into obstacles that he overcame by using social media. He afterwards wished to impart the answers to the issues he encountered in the beginning of his graphic design career. Today, Talha enjoys a solid reputation as one of Pakistan's top graphic design instructors.

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