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Why Choose This Course?

Aspirants who are fascinated with the unsettling rhythms of contemporary filmmaking are invited to enrol in this online video editing course. Learn the software of Adobe Premiere Pro from the very beginning and explore the cuts you've always wanted to make in this basic online course.

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  • Beginner Level

  • Approx. 5 Hours to Complete

  • Project file & Downloadable Material

Course Description - Find Out What's Inside!

With over 15 years of experience in the advertising industry, Aamir Bhagat brings his teaching expertise to the right place in this basic video editing course.

One of the most fascinating subjects to explore in the 21st century is video editing. Learning the basic techniques of such a skill will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors in the industry. If you're enthusiastic about pursuing a career in advertising or the entertainment sector, this should be your foremost priority to get started. In this course, Aamir Bhagat will help you study the core elements of the Adobe Premiere Pro interface. Progressing with the basic knowledge, you will be trained on the course's provided downloadable materials. You'll learn the concepts more thoroughly when you practice on the same project file as your mentor. Also, this course includes proper education on incorporating animations, video effects, and graphics into your videos.

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Skills You’ll Earn

By the end of this online course, you will earn a social media shareable certificate for yourself and have the following skills:

  • Basic Settings of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Familiarity with the Interface of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Importing Clips & Setting Up a Project

  • Applying Cuts & Transitions

  • Using Text & Music

  • Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Colour Correction

  • Audio Optimization

  • Render Settings & Exporting Complete Video

Course Outline

There are five modules in this online Adobe Premiere Pro course. After each interval, these modules are supposed to teach you a bunch of new techniques. Aamir Bhagat developed this course using his more than five years of teaching expertise and the questions he's been asked over that time.

Module 1 - Introduction to Software

Starting off by creating your first project in Adobe Premiere Pro, you will be introduced to the interface of the software. With a simple definition of every basic element, this module is designed to help you get comfortable with its pathways. You will learn all the prerequisites for creating a project while beginning with importing your first set of video clips. Focusing on the importance and proper use of the source panel, all of the 4 panels will be explored in detail. Introducing basic tools like mark-in and mark-out, safe margins & new sequence, the timeline panel will be practiced by you. Some of the essential keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro will also be a part of this module.

Module 2 - Getting into Editing

This module will be the start of your training as a professional video editor. Using the course’s provided downloadable materials (project files), you will set the timeline of your first project, an advertisement video. You will learn to use the razor tools while choosing your desired section of the clip to be used for your final ad. Two different types of video editing methods, namely using the timeline panel and using the source panel, will be discussed briefly in this module. Both these methods are widely used by professional video editors since they each have their own advantages. In this module, Aamir Bhagat will be briefing you about the careful actions that should be taken in order to get the best render of your first video. Using the best settings for your desired platforms, you will export your project. By the end of this online Premiere Pro course, you will be able to figure out which one suits you the most.

Module 3 – Fun Stuff

As the name suggests, this module will help you the experiment the Adobe Premiere Pro. You will kick off by studying the dynamic settings in a project. This subject will include the effect controls tool and will uncover the settings like rotation, zoom, position, opacity & etc. Even though Premiere Pro is just an editing software, your mentor will share you some tricks to add animated effects to your videos by using the same tool. Applying and animating text & images, you will discover how to make your timeline aesthetically pleasing. In addition, video editing subjects like colour correction, transitions, video effects and speed ramping will also be encountered in this module. One of the key takeaways of this module will be the audio setting of your Premiere Pro project. You will learn to optimize the audio of your videos using the easiest and the widely used practice of audio editing.

Module 4 – Making the Final Ad

In this module, everything you have practiced will be implemented on the final timeline of your project. Doing some timeline review and making some colour corrections, you will create your first video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Module 5 - Conclusion

With some parting words, Aamir Bhagat will be wishing you all good luck for your future.

Course Curriculum

    1. What is Video?

    2. Intro to Adobe Premiere Pro

    3. Organizing Your Project

    4. Learning Different Panels

    5. Source Panels

    6. Sequence Settings

    7. Timeline Panel

    1. Download the project files to proceed

    2. Basic Editing

    3. Editing with Source Panel

    4. More About Timeline Panel

    5. How to Render a Video!

    1. Catch up with Students

    2. Add Dynamics to your Video

    3. Animating your Videos

    4. Adding Text

    5. Adding Graphics

    6. Color Correction

    7. Transitions

    8. Video Effects (I)

    9. Video Effects (II)

    10. Make a Photo Slideshow

    11. Editing the Audio

    12. Speed Ramping

    1. Making the Final Ad

    2. Color Correcting the Ad

    1. Course Conclusion

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About this course

  • 30 lessons
  • Completely online course
  • Online sharable certificate

Industries to Unlock

After completion of this online video editing course, the aspirants may pursue a career for themselves in the following industries:

  • Film & TV

  • Multimedia Design

  • Video Game Production

  • Commercial Advertisement

  • Animation & Motion Graphics

Meet Your Mentor

Videographer & Video Editor Aamir Bhagat

Working in the Pakistani advertisement industry for the past 15 years, Aamir Bhagat is one of the most renowned video editors in the country. Possessing a bachelor’s degree in graphics design, Aamir was always intrigued by concepts like creating animations and motion graphics. Using software like Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro for years, he became a maestro in his field. Despite having minimal experience in the field, he was asked to lead workshops and training sessions at significant corporations. He soon realised that teaching was his next great interest, so he founded an Ed-Tech company. Aamir also runs a production company where he provides customers with advertising solutions such as DVC production and product photography.

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Now I know how to edit good

Rameez Irfan

I was doing it well, but after purchasing this course, I realized that what I was doing was not at all video editing.

He is a good teacher

Farhan Shah

Aamir sir has always been a great teacher. I know him from old days and man he still teaches perfectly.

A course to start editing with

Rumaisa Yusuffi

This course made me understand video editing in depth. This skill is one of the most rewarding and everyone knows the worth.

I will take the Advance course

Rekha Mishra

I just got to know that this course also has its advance version. ITeachStuff is a wonderful place to spend some time online.

Saved me a lot of money

Meena Kumari

I recommend people to learn skills from here at a very cheap price. Their teaching standards are very high, you won't regret.

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