Why Choose This Course?

To address the fundamentals of one of the most talked-about digital sketching applications, we present the Introduction to Procreate course. Here, you’ll find the practises you need to start your training as an upcoming digital artist. As a beginner, you'll learn how to use all of Procreate's essential tools, brushes, and settings while discovering some tips and tricks. Your mentor throughout this course will be Umair Najeeb Khan. For numerous years, he has been working with clients across the globe as a comic artist and a children’s book illustrator. In this course, his several years of international exposure as an artist will be combined with his passion to teach. Hence, regular practice according to your mentor’s teachings will lead you to advance your illustrations comfortably.

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Course Description - Find Out What's Inside!

Technology is already uplifting the artists; it’s time for you to start Procreating.

The world is continuously on the lookout for new ideas, new art styles, and most of all, new artists. As a result, when introduced to it, people discover the skills within themselves. Procreate is an opportunity that has been producing exceptional new artists lately. People who loved drawing in their childhood are going back to their roots, but this time with the help of Procreate. Owing to its captivating visuals, fascinating appearance, and limitless capabilities to let artists express themselves diversely, it has become a sensation for lovers of visual art. This online course is composed to let every beginner thoroughly understand the basic concept of illustration, the interface of Procreate, and some tips to advance more meaningfully.

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Skills You’ll Earn

By the end of this online storytelling course, you will earn a social media shareable certificate for yourself and have the following skills:

  • Procreate Canvas Settings

  • Utilizing Brushes

  • Painting with Selecting Tool

  • Creating a Color Palette

  • Utilizing the Lasso Tool

  • Complete Usage of Procreate

Course Outline

Comprehensive is the word that strikes your mind when you see the course outline. Umair Najeeb Khan paid great attention to detail while composing this online Procreate course. The beginner-appealing course outline for the Introduction to Procreate course is discussed below.

Module 1: Ice Breaking & Introduction To Procreate

You’ll be introduced to the interface of Procreate and the know-how of the application. You’ll learn to set up your first canvas on the illustration application. Your mentor will also brief you on the course's learnings.

Module 2: Exploring Layers & Some Crucial Tools

To start painting, you need a canvas; the same goes with the illustration. The display where you can find all the necessary tools is called a canvas in Procreate. In addition, the drawing surface is known as the layer. Hence, layers will be discussed in detail with practical applications in place. Beginners who are excited to get their hands on the software will be pumped from the start of this module. Blending modes, masking, alpha masking, & clip masking will be the takeaways of this module. Once you’re familiar with all of the tools discussed, you’ll review the canvas as a whole with your mentor.

Module 3: Applying Learnings To Illustrate Basic Artwork

Your mentor will elaborate on how you can choose a color while working on Procreate. He will share some of the widely used practices for creating your own color palette. By now, you will recognize most of the necessary tools to get started. After adjusting brushes to your convenience, your mentor will explain to you the entire process of executing a basic artwork on Procreate. 

Module 4: Colors & Color Palette

Colors are very important in drawing because they set the tone for each artwork. They indicate the background of any story that is trying to be conveyed. Hence, this module helps you understand the necessary utilization of colors and the color palette.

Module 5: Painting With Selection Tool

In this module, you will step up your learning a little bit. The objective here will be the same as in the last module, which will incorporate a few more tools than the last one. The core component of this module, or in layman's terms, your focus in this module will be centered around experiencing the selection tool. Lessons in this module will contain Procreate features like the selection tool, lasso tool, move tool, liquify tool, and color adjustment tools. In the later half of this module, you will add some special tweaks to the drawing. These tweaks will incorporate a few more enhancement techniques like noise, sharpening, glitch, chromatic aberration, etc.

Module 6: Settings in Procreate

Some of the advanced settings of a canvas in Procreate will be discussed in this module. Lessons here will be about some settings in Procreate that allow an artist to further smooth the process according to his needs. You learn to incorporate perspective, 2D grids, isometry, & symmetry into your drawings with fewer flaws. Meanwhile, drawing assist, which helps artists draw simultaneously on two other positions at the same time, will get a spotlight here.

Module 7: Tips & Tricks

Some surprises are still inside for the students to explore for themselves. Here, Umair Najeeb Khan shares some of his techniques that he has learned over the past years. These suggestions will enable you to complete your illustrations quickly and comfortably.

Course Curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    2. Setting A Canvas

    3. Color Profile Canvas Properties

    4. Module 1 - Assessment Quiz

    1. Layers

    2. Blending Modes

    3. Clip Masking

    4. Alpha Masking

    5. Masking

    6. Module 2 - Assessment Quiz

    1. Interface - Brief Overview

    2. Getting Started To Drawing

    3. Module 3 - Assessment Quiz

    1. Creating A Color Pallete

    2. Using A Color Palleted

    3. Module 4 - Assessment Quiz

    1. Selection Tool

    2. The Lasso Tool

    3. Move Tool

    4. Color Adjustment Tools

    5. Adding Drama Special Effects

    6. Special Tweaks

    7. Liquify Tool

    8. Module 5 - Assessment Quiz

    1. Add Tab Features

    2. Canvas Settings

    3. Video Settings

    4. Preferences

    5. Module 6 - Assessment Quiz

About this course

  • 35 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Industries to Unlock

After completion of this online Procreate course, the students may pursue a career for themselves in the following industries:

  • Multimedia Design

  • Advertisement

  • 3D & Animations

  • Illustration

  • Storyboard Artist

  • Comic Artist

  • Children’s Book Illustration

Meet Your Mentor

Illustrator Umair Najeeb Khan

Umair Najeeb Khan is a freelance illustrator who has been engaged with the illustration industry for over a decade now. On the global stage, he has achieved tremendous recognition for Pakistan with the help of his art. Umair possesses a bachelor's degree in media sciences, where he majored in animation. He started his professional career as a graphic designer but later discovered his passion for illustration. Ever since, Umair has consistently produced interesting work that reflects other cultures and societies and celebrates their uniqueness. His work has gained him popularity among aspiring artists who follow him on Instagram & Twitter. BBC Urdu, PUBG Corporation, the International Committee of the Red Cross, Rest of the World, and others are among the brands in his portfolio up to this point.

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