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Why Choose This Course?

As one of the most popular software in the computer-generated imagery (CGI) industry, Autodesk Maya allows humans to create realistic 3D and 4D animations. Mastering the Maya by Autodesk can equip animators to create blockbuster visual effects for next generation video games and highly impactful motion graphics in films. This course will help you learn the basic features of this software that are required to create a basic character walk cycle animation. Inspired by humans, the walk cycle is the foundation of every animated character’s personality along with some other features.

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Course Description - Find Out What's Inside!

A complete course to help you create flawless animated 3D character walk cycles.

The 3D character walk cycle is considered the fundamental method for achieving the best finish on any animated character. The animation and motion graphics experts have already shown a great incline towards the demand for good walk cycle animators. It is due to the unimaginable popularity of NFT assets lately. Along with passion and expertise, a lot of money has also been involved in the industry requiring the skills addressed in this course. Besides software learning, your mentor will also be sharing very useful tips for people who seek career opportunities with these skills. If you dream of bringing unbelievable character animations to life, then Walk Cycle Basics in Autodesk Maya is the best point to start from.

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Skills You’ll Earn

By the end of this online course, you will earn a social media shareable certificate for yourself and have the following skills:

  • Setting a project in Autodesk Maya

  • Using graph editor

  • Using curves

  • Using 3D keyframes animation

  • Using of timeline

  • Using an auto keying

  • Using pose to pose animation

  • Creating different postures

  • Creating an animated walk cycle of a character

Course Outline

Walk Cycle Basics in Autodesk Maya is designed into 6 different modules, with each one having a different objective. You will be given a brief introduction to the term "walk cycle" at the start of the course, before moving on to the software and its tools. By the end of the course, you will be equipped to create your own walk cycle animation in Autodesk Maya.

Module 1: Introduction to Walk Cycle

Understanding the terminology of ‘walk cycle’ will be the key takeaways from this module. Before diving completely in the software, it is a prerequisite to observe human walk cycles. Inspired from the gait, a human walk cycle, how did we reach to a point to create walk cycle animation loops? After breaking the ice, learners will be advanced to the upcoming modules.

Module 2: Getting Started with Autodesk Maya

A brief overview about the history & background of the software and the impact it has created over the years. Maya by Autodesk has dominated the character animation industry, dominating everything from top companies to households across the world. This module will help you understand the core tools and the basic principles to use the software for a basic walk cycle animation.

Module 3: Creating a Character - The Basic Approach

To create any walk cycle animation, it is necessary to understand the characteristics and the features of that particular character. In this module, the compulsory education to create any kind of character animation will be shared. Complete rules regarding character selection, graphs, topography, curves & lines will be incorporated enough to be used in future sessions without any misconception. Meanwhile, the ideas and the features of a good and a bad character animation will also be a part of these sessions.

Module 4: Getting Started with Character Animation

Once you get a good grasp of the basic motions involved as well as the basic rules applied, you will be moved on to study core tools of Autodesk Maya. Starting off with creating a custom & personalized shelf for yourself, you will be introduced with requirements of character animation. With the help of this online course provided resources, you will be advanced to choosing frames in order to create your first pose for your walk cycle animation. Progressing with the learning, 4 fundamentals of any character walk cycle will be incorporated in the course. These elements include contact, passing, low & high. By utilizing pose to pose animation method, the designed character will be staged corresponding to your online course provided reference materials. Eventually, you will adjust the timing of your character to the one in the reference to create an animation of the character walk cycle. By putting the motions in a progressive loop, your outline for the walk cycle animation will be created.

Module 5: The Graph Editor: Using Animation Keys & Curves

To interpret the motions already applied to your character, you will be educated with the basic knowledge to understand the graph editor in Autodesk Maya. This module of the online course will help you display your character’s motions in a unique form of curves and how to use it properly. Also, the animation keyframes will be part of this module helping you to learn how you should bend your animated character’s walk cycle. Using the follow through technique in Autodesk Maya, you will make your character’s walk as natural as it should be.

Module 6: Rendering

Starting from rendering your 3D character animated walk cycle, Mr. Waleed Thanvi will share his experienced insights with you. Advising the learners about industry standard ethics and portfolio presentation skills, he will guide you about all the prerequisites of an interview session. As a character animator, you will be provided with every answer to justify your 3D animated walk cycle in Autodesk Maya. Aspirants looking to join the character animation industry will find every necessary detail they require to further pursue their hobby as a character animator.

Course Curriculum

    1. Walk Cycle Reference

    1. Software Introduction

    2. Exploring the Software

    1. Character Basics (I)

    2. Character Basics (II)

    1. Animating the Character (I)

    2. Animating the Character (II)

    3. Animating the Character (III)

    1. Graph Editor (I)

    2. Graph Editor (II)

    1. Rendering, Conclusion & Interview Tips

About this course

  • 14 lessons
  • Completely online course
  • Online sharable certificate

Industries to Unlock

After completion of this online walk cycle animation course, the aspirants may pursue a career for themselves in the following industries:

  • Character Animation

  • Animation & Motion Graphics

  • Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI)

  • Film & VFX

  • Multimedia Design

  • Video Game Production

  • Commercial Advertisement

Meet Your Mentor

Senior Character Animator Waleed Thanvi

After having a degree in Civil Engineering, Waleed Thanvi did a master's in Computer Animation from Toronto, Ontario. Run a production house facilitating a number of TV Commercials with visual effects and animation. Introduced Character Animation in Pakistan and spread the knowledge via various renowned universities. He was designated as Associate Director of Animations in GEO TV Network, running a team of highly skilled Animators, Compositors, and Artists and producing the highest class of Animation. Associated with the office since 2003 and still teaching in Universities like Iqra and Greenwich. Highly skilled in character animation, product animation, 3D Modeling, Unreal engineering, and compositions.

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